3 Things I Want in 2014

I love the new year. I love newness, starting over, making plans, writing lists, dreaming. It’s so fitting that this time comes right after the holidays, with days off to relax, spend with family, and reflect. A time, really, to get my priorities realigned.


Looking back on 2013, I see how much I’ve grown as a person and with my husband; how I’ve developed in my approach to health and nutrition; and how my outlook on life in general has changed (in a good way!). I’d say that this past year I’ve followed these mantras:


Rush Less, Linger More

I used to wake up with just enough time to get dressed and get out the door to my workout and the day’s duties. Now my husband, Audun, and I wake up early. Well, Audun actually wakes up 30 minutes before I do to turn on the heat, get hot water boiling, and then wake me up when the house is warm and the tea is ready. Yes, I’m spoiled. We share tea during our devotional time and then have breakfast together. We both can’t believe that we missed out on these precious moments and the best start of the day we can imagine for a whole year. Good thing we have a lifetime of mornings ahead of us to enjoy.


Exercise Less, Move More

I know I mentioned my workout in the last paragraph, but it’s a misnomer. This is my ME-time where I can stretch, close my eyes, push my body, and get energized. I used to be fanatical about exercise, and let me tell you, that’s a wretched place to be. Now I’m finding that a mix of morning walks, barre classes, and dance make me happy. And I’m open to that changing as time goes by.


Eat Slower, Savor Longer

After my trip to France, I was reminded of the sacredness of mealtime—both the preparation and eating of a meal. Cooking is an experience. Eating is not a waste of time. Both should be enjoyed, relished, savored. I’m still learning to slow down, but I’ve definitely come a long way.


Pooh Bear


Building upon and continuing with these, this year I’m committing to:


Consume Less, Create More

I don’t mean food. I mean media, articles, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and other people’s creations or regurgitations. I want to create—yes I mean food, cookbooks (my first one is coming out very soon!), more nutrition and wellness offerings, soap (why not?), paintings, creations. I’m tired of endless consumption. There’s always another pair of shoes to buy, recipe to save, article to flag. While I’m consuming, life passes me by. Not happening!


Forget Extremes, Find Balance

Extremes are easy. It’s easy to overdo it or forget about it. It’s not easy to do something consistently in the right amount for the right time. It’s not easy to listen to your body and it’s subtle cues, hints, and nudges. I’m listening now.


Say No, Say Yes

Saying yes and no to the right things is a toughie. It often involves saying yes to things I don’t want do, things that challenge or stretch me; and just as often it means saying no to things I really want to do but know that I need to wait on or that I am convicted to decline. This year I want the courage to say no…and yes.




What do you want this year?

3 Things I Want in 2014

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3 Things I Want in 2014

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