Dear Me

This is a letter from a wiser me to the me of yesteryear.  Does any of this resonate with you?  What would you tell yourself?



Dear Me,


Hello Beautiful.  I wanted to write you today and tell you all the things I wish you knew so that you wouldn’t be so burdened, so that silly things wouldn’t steal your joy, so that you would know the truth.

I want you to know that what’s on the inside is what matters after all.  While people go around chasing after the latest fashion, fad, or diet, they are losing what makes them special.  If we were all to look alike, have the same talents, dress the same way, buy the same things, eat the same food, have the same bodies, would that mean that everyone would be happy?  Enjoy diversity.  Be true to yourself.  Let your interests and passions blossom from within you.  Look at your body and name your favorite freckle.  Remember how you got that scar.  Paint your toes different colors.  Live a little without fear of what people think.

I want you to know that numbers are for math, scales are for supermarkets, and sizes are for coffee shops.  Don’t let these forms of measurement dictate your happiness (or unhappiness) or your worth (or unworthiness).  Numbers fluctuate, scales need to be calibrated, and sizes are not standardized.  Focusing on any of these can and should drive you crazy.  It’s a sign that you should look elsewhere for advice or entertainment.  Ask a close friend what she thinks of you…not a machine.  Go play miniature golf…not “guess my weight”.

I want you to know that you shouldn’t believe everything you think.  You’ve had some pretty irrational thoughts (if I do say so myself) and acting on those can be quite the doozy.  Analyze what you hear, from both outside and inside your head.  Printing words doesn’t make them a reliable source either.  Research for yourself.  Seek the truth.

I want you to know that life is good.  Don’t hold on to regrets, should haves, wish I hadn’t’s and torturous questioning.  Live, learn, and love.  Most of all love.  Love yourself, love others.  Enjoy the journey, appreciate the pitstops, and remember your dreams–daydreams and nightdreams (but not nightmares).

I want you to know that you are someone with meaning, a purpose, and a future.  Be patient with yourself and with the tides and seasons.  Don’t rush by and miss out on what’s in store for you in the silence and waiting.  You are doing great things.  You have what you need.  You are blessed.

Above all, I want you know that there are so many things about you that are so dear to me, that will be with you along the way.  Your spunk will give you resilience; your laugh will keep you light-hearted; your faith will bring you joy.  I love you, dear me.


Yours forever and always,


Dear Me

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