Déjà vu

Your weight is only one aspect of the elaborate person we call “you”.  Your diagnosis does not condemn you to a life of shame or a subpar existence.  If you trust your body and give it what its been asking you for all along, you will be on your way to liberty and health.

If it seems like I’m repeating myself, it’s because I am.  You are and have been bombarded every day with messages telling you the exact opposite:

That you worth is dependent upon your weight.

That you can’t be happy with yourself the way you are today.

That you always have to keep yourself in check or else you’ll revert to being a

lazy, fat slob.

If my guess is correct, you will continue to see commercials, read articles, and hear people around you communicating these lies to you.

When will you believe me?  Don’t worry.  I’ll be here as long as it takes.

Déjà vu

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Déjà vu

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