Last week I brought up the F-Word Fat, but today I want to look at another word that starts with F (though certainly not an F-word, but rather the contrast).

In noticing the feelings, attributes, and judgments associated with Fat, I see that “Freedom” conveys the opposite.

Here’s how I see it played out:

Fat Freedom
Ugly Uniquely Beautiful
Inferior, Defective, Flawed Innate Worth
Weak Strong
Shame Respect and Esteem
Detention Recess


Whereas Fat hones in on the different, the counter-culture, the outside-of-acceptable weight/appearance and criticizes, condemns, and demands conformity, Freedom sees the beauty, value, and distinctive strengths and experiences that each person brings. With Freedom, you can be who you are, weigh what you weigh, and “deserve” the same treatment, birthday cake, and respect as everyone else. There is a light-ness, but also a grounding when you choose Freedom.

Freedom also comes with responsibility. You can choose what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. You can abuse your freedom and thereby abuse your body with excess or deficiency. You can choose to see others as free beings like you, or you can stuff them into other classifications, like Fat. You can exercise your freedom to choose not to be free and put yourself in your own handmade cage of Fat (or Idiot, Stupid, Worthless, take your pick).


Do you see yourself as Free or Fat or…?

How will you use your Freedom?


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  1. Lauren @ Breathe & Nourish

    I’m going to use my freedom to choose the type of movement that is most nourishing to my body for each particular day, instead of listening to the cultural messages that say I must run fast and far or participate in CrossFIt. (Not that those forms are bad, but they are when I don’t crave that type of movement and use it in a negative way against myself.)

    I’m excited to continue to practice freedom in many areas of my life!

    1. Michaela Ballmann, MS RD

      Awesome! I absolutely resonate with you daily checking in with your body and seeing what kind of movement would be nourishing. It’s easy to tune out when it comes to exercise just as we do so often with food.

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