It’s Good For You

Parents say this to explain why their kids should eat something that is green or gross…or not sweet or covered in rainbow sprinkles.

People say this to explain why they eat food that doesn’t appeal to the eye or tastebuds.

Superfood promoters say this to explain why you should incorporate fill-in-the-blank into your diet.

“It’s good for you.”


There’s lots of food fads that seem counter to our palate. Kale comes to mind. Or quinoa’s bitter coating of saponins. Kombucha anyone?

It’s amazing to watch how these foods go from unknown to being highlighted on every food blog around; from the dusty shelf of an obscure health food store to the end display at Costco; from garnish or compost to the star of the meal.

I wonder just how many people actually enjoy these foods–I mean really enjoy them. If anyone is brave enough to admit they don’t like kale chips, please speak up!


Do you know what you like to eat or do you just eat it because “it’s good for you”?

Whether it’s the skin on your potatoes, milk from an almond, or a smoothie that’s green:

  • Do you enjoy eating it?
  • Would you eat it if it wasn’t “trendy”, “healthy”, or “super”?
  • How do you feel after eating it? Is it actually good for you and your body?


It’s fine if the answer is yes. If no, you have a decision to make. Maybe admitting that the food of the year isn’t for you is actually what’s good for you.

It’s Good For You

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It’s Good For You

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  1. kellyhindsrd

    I’ll speak up! Kale chips…Yuck! I love kale but the texture of kale chips disintegrating in my mouth is too much to handle. :-)

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    […] The tricky part of this one comes with the foods that make you feel bad emotionally. Guilt, shame, and self-bashing come when you have dessert or chips or some food that is “bad” or not on your diet. This is exception number two where I would challenge you to make peace with food. Easier said than done, I know! A first step towards changing your beliefs about food would be to remove all labels that you’ve assigned, such as “healthy, indulgent, clean, sinful, cheat food, etc.”. Food is just food. You can find more posts I’ve written on this topic here, here and here. […]

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