The Kale Project: My Interview with Kristen Beddard

Kale. An esteemed superfood. The base for a massaged salad on most menus. Imposter chips. Taken for granted.

Kristen leads The Kale Project to bring this green vegetable to France. Can she do it?


Kristen Beddard

Kristen Beddard founded The Kale Project as a movement to re-introduce the leafy-green to France. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Kristen has been eating kale her entire life. After her husband’s job moved them to Paris in 2011, Kristen realized that kale was really difficult to find and not sold to consumers in France. Using her marketing and branding experience, she decided to re-introduce the légume oublié and launched The Kale Project in May 2012.


The Kale Project - Logo

The Kale Project is re-introducing the forgotten vegetable kale to France by collaborating with local farmers, restaurants and ambassadors throughout the country. The Project also hosts different kale events and cooking workshops in Paris..

Learn more about Kristen and The Kale Project on her websiteTwitter, and Facebook.




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The Kale Project: My Interview with Kristen Beddard

Off to Paris!

The Kale Project: My Interview with Kristen Beddard

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