Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition Counseling

Why We Go Vegetarian

More and more people of all ages are choosing to forego animal products for a healthier diet and lifestyle. Whether for health, animal rights, environmental, or other reasons, about five percent of the United States adult population choose to be vegetarian, with about half of that number being vegan. Among the youth, an estimated 1.4 million are following a vegetarian diet. Though the vegetarian diet can definitely be a very healthy diet, there are some potential nutrients of concern that need to be addressed (i.e. macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, fat) balance, vitamin B12, iron, calcium). Other issues can include meal planning, cooking with meat and dairy substitutes, possible need for supplementation, accounting for stages of life (i.e. childhood, pregnancy), and more.

Transitioning to a vegetarian diet can be easy, tasty, and fun. By creating a balanced diet, including a variety of foods throughout the day and week, the diet transition or refinement can be seamless.


How We Can Help

Our approach is flexible, personal, and realistic. We will break everything down into small, manageable steps that will make healthy eating natural and enjoyable. Not sure where to start? We will create an individualized program with you, whether that means collaborating on meal and recipe ideas, incorporating new foods into your diet, or helping you find an appropriate supplement if necessary to help meet your needs.
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What We Offer

[titled_box title="Plant" variation="teal"] During this 60-minute initial session, we will take a look at the your current diet and how we can help you achieve your goals through changes or enhancements to that diet. By assessing your food intake, any symptoms you may have, medical history, and nutrient needs, we can determine what will benefit you most.
[/titled_box] [titled_box title="Cultivate" variation="teal"] At every 45-minute follow-up session, we will check in to see how you have progressed, celebrate your accomplishments, and introduce new ways to upgrade your health.

Our Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition Counseling Sessions May Include:

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  • History of how you move and eat
  • Reasons for a plant-based diet
  • Guidance with diet alterations to ensure nutritional adequacy
  • Review of any health conditions
  • Reflection on current eating pattern and activity level
  • Visioning and progress towards goals
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Label Reading
  • Motivational Coaching


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