Suspicious Minds

You probably fall into one of two categories–you’re suspicious or you’re gullible.

I know, neither sound like a good option. With the first, you take everything with a grain of salt and the placebo effect definitely isn’t something you’ve ever experienced. With the second, you spend lots of money of cures, cleanses, supplements, and pills that you’re sure do something (or else why would you buy them?).

I hope you’re somewhere in the middle–being willing to try something but doing your research before committing your time and money.

But I’m sure many of you fall into the “suspicious” category. That’s where I’d like to spend some time today.

You might prefer another word–skeptical, unsure, wary, or even distrustful. Pick the word that works for you and let’s go with it.


Do any of these statements come to mind when you think of nutrition supplements, the newest diet trend, or even counseling, mindful eating or (gasp!) dietitians?:

  • I don’t believe it will work
  • They just want my money
  • This is bogus
  • Where do people come up with this stuff?
  • Why in the world would I do this?
  • Who needs this?
  • I have to pay them to care
  • I’m spending money so someone will talk to me. Isn’t there something wrong with that?


Wanting research on the purity and effectiveness of a supplement is logical. Letting the giddiness of a new diet wear off and looking at whether it is healthy, maintainable and a good lifestyle for you is worthwhile. Going through the concerns that go with seeing a new therapist or getting counseling is normal. Having doubts about one other method that claims to have the answer to your weight and eating problems is understandable. Being skeptical of someone with the word “diet” in their title…I get that.

What I want to know is whether your skepticism is helping you or hindering you. Does being skeptical cause you to do your own research, reach out to your network, and get reliable answers? Does it allow you to experiment and be flexible? Does it provide a healthy background from which you explore and try to find solutions, support and inspiration? Or does it keep you from reaching out, trying new things, being your own guinea pig…getting help.


What are you skeptical of? Are you allowing your skepticism to hinder you or are you using it to grow and heal?

Suspicious Minds


Suspicious Minds

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