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When Moderation Backfires

Being extreme is SO much easier than being moderate. It’s way easier to do something 100% of the time or …

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Swerve And Me

Swerve: Top 10 Picks Expo West #2

Swerve Sweetener Sugar-free can be easy and tasty with Swerve! Swerve is an erythritol sugar substitute that measures cup-for-cup like …

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Me Enlightened

Enlightened Ice Cream and Crisps: Top 10 Picks Expo West #4

ENLIGHTENED: The Good-For-You Ice Cream Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream. Sounds like something that could be daily dessert? How about …

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Oatmeal Top

Pumpkin Egg White Oatmeal

Pumpin lovers unite! Everyone else is probably doing a social media fast to avoid all the pumpkin recipes that monopolize …

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Calorie Myth Banner

The Calorie Myth: My Interview with Jonathan Bailor

What if everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong? If you’ve been on enough diets, you have …

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I Love Food

Loving Food

I love food. I really do. Grocery shopping, cooking, and baking are a few of my favorite activities. I get …

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Food Addiction is Real (and What to Do About It): My Interview with Dr. Pam Peeke

Calling food addicts of all shapes and sizes! If you need convincing, Dr. Pamela Peeke will give you all the …

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I Have Diabetes. Now What?

Getting a new medical diagnosis can be a scary and emotional experience, especially if that diagnosis is Type 2 Diabetes. …

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One Size Fits One

New Year’s Resolutions Going into the new year, I hear the same resolutions being repeated: lose weight, exercise more, eat …

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Twinkies, Weight Loss and Wellbeing Part 1: My Interview with Dr. Mark Haub

What are Twinkies and weight loss doing in the same sentence? Well, a diet consisting largely of convenience snack cakes …

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