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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

Don’t Look at Me!

Don’t look at me if you’re looking for perfection. I will only let you down. I overeat. I undereat. I …

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Take Me Away

Boy did I need a vacation.   Life definitely seems to come in waves. There will be nice, gentle, rolling …

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PARIS Cravings


Another summer, another precious Paris trip. No, I’m not independently wealthy. My husband, the extraordinary Audun Utengen, was invited back …

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Self Compassion Diet

The Self-Compassion Diet: My Interview with Jean Fain, LICSW MSW

Failed another diet (or did another diet fail you)? Think all you need is more willpower and determination or maybe …

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Be Happy


Food Rules In the unbuilt libraries of unpublished books of unwritten rules, there have to be volumes regarding food. Some …

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Decisions, Decisions

Indecision I have been called indecisive, and I can’t deny it. I’ve been known to hem and haw when it’s …

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3 Things I Want in 2014

I love the new year. I love newness, starting over, making plans, writing lists, dreaming. It’s so fitting that this …

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Know Thyself

Who am I? The old existential question remains among the noise and bombardment that we are all to look alike, …

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Love Your Body

Unscripted: Love Your Body, Defining Healthy, and Welcoming Fall

In my first improv episode, I discuss: Love Your Body Day: October 16, 2013 What is Healthy? Fall Feelings and …

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Shame on You (Not Me)

Times have changed. Weight used to be just a number that was checked at the doctor’s office. Pant size was …

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