Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #10

#10 Top Pick Expo West 2015

Expo West has come and gone and I’m back with another Top 10! This year I found so many amazing products that it was really challenging to narrow down my top picks to just 10. To highlight each of my 10 winners I am going to let each have their own few minutes of fame in exclusive short videos to show you why they outshone the rest.

In no particular order, #10 is Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers!


Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers

If you are sick of kale everything, it’s time to set the kale chips aside for broccoli poppers! These are organic, gluten free, vegan, massaged and dehydrated broccoli florets. Yes, Brad has outdone himself. His kale chips can sure hit the spot and no one would turn down his raw chips. BUT it gets better with broccoli!

Smothered (in a good way) with¬†a spicy chickpea miso and sunflower seed mixture, each piece is poppin with flavor and nutrition. A serving provides 64% of the Daily Value for Vitamin A and a whoppin 140% of the DV for Vitamin C. Not only that but you’re eating broccoli here not potato chips. And they’re not fried in trans fat. And miso is fermented and probiotic-rich for your poor gut. And who doesn’t love something¬†healthy that tastes awesome (sauce)?!

Follow Brad’s Raw Foods on social media, schedule a trip to their Chip Factory, and pop that broccoli!



Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #10

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Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #10

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