When Your Health Seems Hopeless

It’s understandable that you are feeling discouraged about your health.  Your doctor wants you to go on new medication, your spouse wants you to lose weight, and you are dissatisfied with how you feel inside your body.  You want your vim and vigor back, but it’s been gone for so long.

I’m here to tell you that your health is anything but hopeless.  You can reverse the damage.  There are plenty of ways that you can get your health back, but it will cost you.  You’ll have to:


Listen to your body instead of ignoring it.

Get out and do exercise you enjoy, not rigid workouts you detest

Take time for self-care instead of always over-committing yourself.

Give up damaging relationships for nurturing ones.

Spend time with loved ones rather than staying in isolation.

Replace condemnation and criticism with love and kindness.


Doesn’t sound like such a bad trade-off.

When Your Health Seems Hopeless

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When Your Health Seems Hopeless

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  1. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family

    You have to say “No” to some things because you’ve already said “Yes” to caring for yourself.

    A big task indeed but I am guessing small steps and dedication make it all possible.

    So glad to have found your blog through Janae of Bring Joy!

    Happy Friday Michaela!

    1. Michaela Ballmann, MS RD

      Absolutely! Saying “no” can be very challenging but when we realize that by doing so we are saying “yes” to treating ourselves with love, what a difference it makes. Baby steps add up and can influence the direction of one’s life. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance and significance of what seem like minor decisions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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