A Whole Approach to Wellness

There is more to you than meets the eye.  From the outside we only catch but a glimpse of the whole you.  We can see your physical traits, expressions of your personality, snapshots of your style.  We want to know you more.

We want to know what you say to yourself in your head, how you feel when you get up in the morning, who you want to become.

Why you do what you do is multi-faceted; it is dependent on your background, value system, core beliefs, aspirations, expectations, and more.

To elicit positive change and improvements in our bodies, it is imperative to look at the root of our physical symptoms.

Our thoughts and feelings greatly affect our bodies, making themselves known through an underlying depression, upset stomach, fatigue, or other physical manifestations.  We have to transform our thinking before we can truly recover.

The genetic component to our health cannot be ignored.  Risk for disease runs through the family line. Family history often becomes your own.

Lifestyle is often impacted by environment.  Your eating and exercise habits, as well as your specific food choices and preferences have been molded by your upbringing, your mentors and role models, and the pervasive culture.  Changing your lifestyle will mean finding purpose and delight in health-promoting food, movement, and recreational and self-care activities.

At Wholify, we don’t just treat your symptoms.  We also tend to the underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, behaviors, influencers, and traditions that contribute to your current state.


We want all of you to be well.


A Whole Approach to Wellness

Restoring Your Wellbeing

A Whole Approach to Wellness

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