Berthillon Made Me a Food Snob

I can’t help it, I’m a food snob.

I haven’t always been this way. In fact, believe it or not, I remember days when I would eat bad chocolate (yes, some stuff is just BAD), cheap snacks, and even a crummy dessert just because I didn’t want to “waste money” (don’t judge me).

Nowadays my sniffer and palate are above all that. Berthillon did it.




Before our first trip to Paris, my friend Robyn Webb helped us tremendously by helping us find a place to stay and, more importantly, places to eat. For bread, Poilane. For an outdoor organic market, Raspail. Macarons, Pierre Herme AND Lauduree. Goodies for the apartment, Le Bon Marche Epicierie. The best ice cream that you’ve never tasted, no…the best in the world!, Berthillon.

Mind you, I’m not an ice cream person. Give me a French pastry any day over a scoop of ice cream (or so I thought). Who would have thought that French ice cream would flip the snob switch?

For those of you who, like me, aren’t big ice cream fans, and even for you who think you’re already an ice cream snob, think again! On the Île Saint-Louis, at an inconspicuous opening about 3 feet wide you can pay pittance (read: 3 euros) for truly “The World’s Best Ice Cream”. The scoops are dainty and French, and the flavor is intense. One little scoop lasts me 15 minutes, one lick at a time.


Berthillon Double


Now that I’ve convinced you to take a trip to Paris, and Berthillon in particular, I’d like you to consider joining me in my food snobbery.

When someone is serving up cheap cake, cookies, or (forbid it!) ice cream, it is EASY PEASY for me to decline. Recently a friend asked me how I could say no to some packaged treat, and I had to explain that I’m a food snob and it really doesn’t look that good so it couldn’t taste much better…except I said it in a nice way :P


It’s not about willpower. It’s not about resolutions and rules. It’s about loving good food and only eating what I love.


Ok, so maybe I won’t take my snobbery so far as to only eat Berthillon (or maybe I will!), but I’ve found that as I’ve been really tasting and savoring my food, a lot really doesn’t taste as good as it looks. It’s natural for me to put my fork down after a bite or two and decide that I’m going pass this time or wait for something better. As you travel down the road of snobbery, you’ll find that bowls of (cheap) chocolate, boxes of (stale) popcorn, and other previous “temptations”, “diet wreckers” and “binge triggers” now just make you turn up your nose and say, “I’ve had better.”

Paris - Montmart

Berthillon Made Me a Food Snob

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Berthillon Made Me a Food Snob

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