Booch of the Future: My Interview with Clearly Kombucha

Not all kombucha is created equal. Some is ho-hum, but Clearly Kombucha is the Booch of the Future for a reason! It’s delicious, functional, and (most importantly) fun! I interview Mya Nguyen from Clearly Kombucha and C Botanicals to learn more about what makes this brand and their products special, and why you should give them a try!

Clearly Kombucha

Crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area, Clearly Kombucha® is dedicated to creating the most palatable and fun (not to mention authentic) kombucha possible. Clearly Kombucha® brews a light and refreshing kombucha to reflect the belief that you come alive when you lighten up. Its refreshing taste, low sugar content, and light-hearted spirit are all reasons to celebrate. Lighten up!

C Botanicals

C Botanicals is the next generation of innovative and approachable functional beverages, a collection of effervescent fermented botanicals and aromatics based on ginger root, holy basil, lemongrass, milk thistle, turmeric and cardamom. Each flavor is light but purposeful. By working with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients and giving them a boost of probiotics, each drink is a light, hydrating gift for you and your body.

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Booch of the Future: My Interview with Clearly Kombucha

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Booch of the Future: My Interview with Clearly Kombucha

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