It’s a difficult word to describe. Its meaning can differ from person to person and from situation to circumstance.

When it comes to food, enough can appear a mystery. What is enough? When have I had enough?

It depends on what I’m looking to fulfill. Am I trying to satisfy a craving, celebrate an anniversary over a meal, fuel myself for an active day, or…? The first step is trying to gauge beforehand where satisfaction lies. Have I been more sedentary than normal and anticipate wanting a lighter meal? Are we planning on leaving room for dessert and foregoing an appetizer? Am I looking for food to meet an emotional need or distract me from anxiety, a task, or the mundaneness of daily life?


Enough is elusive.

Sometimes we want half a grapefruit and nonfat cottage cheese to be enough. Other times we want to be able to eat and never reach “enough”. More than not, we pass right over the place called “enough” because we want to finish what’s on our plate, because we “deserve” to eat more, or because we aren’t even present during our meal to recognize the journey from hungry to enough to more-than-enough.


Enough can be scary.

It’s a limit. It may bring back memories of a parent saying “Now, that’s enough. You’ve had enough to eat. You’ll get fat if you keep eating.” It might stir up rebellious feelings within you. “I get to decide what’s enough. I’m not letting someone or even my own body dictate my actions. I’m the boss of me!” It may cause you to fear. “I can’t tell when I’ve had enough. What if I eat and never stop?” It may be a source of comfort and an outlet for anxiety–a way of keeping yourself in check. “This amount of Calories is enough. I don’t need more and I’m going to keep myself from enjoying food so I don’t eat more.”


Fill in the blank. Enough is _______________



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