Married to a Dietitian

Poor Husband!

Being a dietitian, I know firsthand that we (or maybe just I) can be a little particular, meticulous, and have perfectionistic tendencies. Knowing this, I was honestly worried about my husband when we first got married. I thought, “Oh dear, I hope that I don’t make a big deal about everything. I hope he’s ok with my kitchen experiments. I sure hope he likes my special cooking style”. After some of our meals and near-fails at working together at the stove, I would even say “Poor husband! Mistreated and dark-green-leafy-vegetable’d—out!” My dear Audun would always reply that he’s the luckiest man and loves my cooking. It takes a special man to be married to a dietitian, especially this one.


His Take or “Wisdom a la Audun”

Asking Audun for his input on this post, he shared:

  • The best part about being married to a dietitian is of course all the food! The constant exploration of cook books with their recipes and the resulting dishes gives our home the fragrance of many cultures and places. Of all the arts, I think the art of cooking may be the most creative. Before our marriage, I didn’t do much cooking. But now I sometimes try to make myself useful as a sous chef. It has exposed me to the world of ingredients and techniques. Who knew cooking could be so much fun? But being a sous chef is also a very serious business. I’ve learned that things must move very fast. I try not to make too much of a mess, but I’m pretty good as a taster. Especially for cookie dough, meringue and all kinds of desserts.
  • I think many people have a misconception of who a dietitian is. Judging from my experience, one of the most common follow-up questions I get after telling someone that my wife’s a dietitian is “So…how is that?” What they actually mean is “How do you manage living with a food police?” They think of a dietitian as a very legalistic person, a creator and follower of many laws – “good food” and “bad food”. I like to answer, “What do you mean?” And what follows reveals their thinking, “Well, how is it living under all those food rules?” I tell them that there are no rules.
  • Few people seem to be aware of the truth that you can be incredibly free while having great knowledge of what is a good lifestyle for your body and your mind. It’s from having that knowledge and practicing it that eventually allows you to let go of all rules, since you both know and have experienced that it’s just a better way to live and you wouldn’t want to live any other way. That’s what being married to a dietitian have taught me.


Happy Hubby


A Happy Ending

So maybe it’s not all as bad as I thought. Maybe it’s actually a blessing for both of us. I have someone to trial everything from my black bean brownies to my dark chocolate bark. I have someone to share a big kale salad and dessert. I have someone who understands my quirks and knows that as much as I love being a dietitian, I’m upset when people judge what I eat or assume that I’m judging them. I’m encouraged that starting with my husband, I am showing that RDs love food and eat what they love!


Us-Happy Ending

Married to a Dietitian

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Married to a Dietitian

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