Mastering Summertime Salads

Ahhh, summer: Time for vacations and swimming pools, bike rides and picnics. One of our favorite ways to eat outside is colorful, flavorful summer salads. There’s absolutely nothing better than a fresh-from-the garden or farmers-market-direct salad filled with all the yummy goodness of summertime’s harvest.

But how do you ensure that your summer salads are their freshest ever? Learning a little bit more about produce is a good place to start. That means understand that every fruit and vegetable has different ready-to-eat characteristics, including smell and ripeness indicators.

Once you’ve mastered picking the freshest produce, it’s time to vary the ways you make summertime salads. For example, edamame and nuts are great additions for flavor and nutrition. And if you have a favorite fruit or vegetable that’s out of season, you might consider turning to a frozen option. Finally, when you’re concocting salads, don’t forget about all the different types of summertime greens to be had – everything from bitter to crunchy, creamy to peppery.

This graphic can help you get started on a better-for-you, summertime maxed out salad.

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Mastering Summertime Salads

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Mastering Summertime Salads

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