Oodles of NoOodles

Following up on my video podcast of My Top 10 Picks from Expo West 2014, as promised, I am here with my review of the NoOodle (pronounced No Oodle).

NoOodle was created by Chef Terri Rogers who first was introduced to Japanese shirataki noodles in 2009 when she was a restauranteur and chef-owner of Lincolnshire Gourmet in Highland Park, IL.  A frequent customer who had a gluten intolerance brought the noodles in for her to try, and not only was her curiosity piqued by these “miracle” noodles with no Calories, gluten, or net carbs, but she put them on her menu too!  The NoOodle dishes were best sellers from the start, leading her to eventually close her restaurant to focus solely on NoOodle (and we’re so glad she did!).


NoOodle Nutrition

NoOdle is made up of mostly water (97%) and the rest a soluble fiber called Glucomannan, derived from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant. In Japanese cuisine, it is called konnyaku and is usually a mottled grey. My Japanese “aunties” mix it with seaweed, daikon, and a dash of special sauce.


Glucomannan is the secret ingredient that:

  • has no Calories
  • helps with satiety and satiation
  • slows glucose absorption
  • acts as a prebiotic, and
  • may reduce cholesterol


Not bad. Not bad at all.


New and Improved!

I met Chef Terri at her booth at Expo West and told her that as much as I wanted to like shirataki noodles, I couldn’t manage to prepare them in a way to get rid of that “fishy” smell. If you’ve rinsed, microwaved, and blotted-dry these types of noodles to no avail, you know what I’m talking about! Chef Terri assured me that her new formulations were “fishy”-free!

I took home her vegan Tomato-Infused Meal Starter and gave it a go.



An extra tidbit

The new NoOodle soups and meal starters come in aseptic Tetrapaks. What’s great about this technology is that, as opposed to canning, the product and the package are sterilized individually so there isn’t the potential issue of the packaging material leaching into the product during processing. This also makes these products shelf stable for 2 years…but I don’t think they’ll last that long in your cupboard!

This nifty pack is super easy to open with a pre-serrated tear top. You can pour the meal starter straight into a pan to heat for a few minutes, but I decided to have a little more fun.

NoOodle Soup


NoOodles My Way

I combined the NoOodles with baked tofu a la David Lebovitz and Angela Liddon’s Cauli-power Alfredo. That and a stir-fry of onion, garlic, shiitakes, and green onions made for a winner lunch, dinner, and lunch again!

NoOodle - Stir-Fry_Fotor_Collage



NoOodle - Finished Dish
NoOodle is a welcome new addition to my pantry with Chef Terri’s improvements and easy-to-use products. If you have other ideas of how to use these noodles, let me know!

Oodles of NoOodles

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Oodles of NoOodles

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