Probiotic Power – My Interview with Heather Holmes

Think all there is to probiotics is popping a little pill? Think again! I delve into the dirt on bacteria, biofilm, and our microbiome with Heather Holmes and talk about why probiotics aren’t just for digestion anymore!



Heather Holmes

Heather Holmes is the President and CEO of P2 Probiotic Power. She passionately embraces the full product line in her daily life and demands the highest quality products for her customers that assure protection of surfaces, barriers to harmful bacteria and healthier lifestyles. She has served in leadership roles in both large, multinational companies, like Medtronic and STERIS, as well as in many early stage companies. Heather’s years of experience working in medical devices and with hospitals, with seven of those years focused on infection control, have prepared her to make her company a leader in lifestyle, health and wellness products. Heather has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ohio Wesleyan University with a major in International Business and a minor in Economics and has studied in Geneva, Switzerland and American University.


P2 Probiotic Power


P2 Probiotic Power was developed to focus on changing the perception of clean in order to protect our families, our homes, our pets and our environment against the proliferation of deadly superbugs. By successfully commercializing several probiotic products that meet the needs for home cleaning, body care, pet wellness and allergy, asthma &sinus, P2 Probiotic Power is providing best in class products that should be part of any daily health and wellness regimen.



My favorite P2 Probiotic Power Products


Learn more about Heather and probiotics on the P2 Probiotic Power website, Facebook, and Twitter.




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Probiotic Power – My Interview with Heather Holmes

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Probiotic Power – My Interview with Heather Holmes

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  1. Bruce Feldman

    Hello Heather, I would love to work with you and your company! I am passionate about probiotics benefits and uses. It would be a dream for me to work, help and grow your dream with you!

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