Restoring Your Wellbeing

Our bodies are intricate, complex, and downright remarkable.  All of our systems work together to keep us alive, comfortable, and in good working order. If we need food, hormones are released to induce hunger pangs and cause us to eat; if we are harmed by someone, our brain creates solutions and pathways to help us cope; if we have an infection, white blood cells and neutrophils are on the attack.

Sometimes, however, we need to make a concerted effort to go beyond basic functioning and reach optimal health.  We need to override the defective, automated reactions of our mind and body that protect us from perceived danger.

Maintaining respect for our natural instincts, we can challenge familiar thoughts and feelings that leave us afraid, discouraged and stuck.

You can get off the dieting cycle.

The past doesn’t have to dictate your future.

It is possible to prevent and reverse disease.

You can be a well being again.

Restoring Your Wellbeing

Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Restoring Your Wellbeing

A Whole Approach to Wellness

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