Take Me Away

Boy did I need a vacation.


Life definitely seems to come in waves. There will be nice, gentle, rolling waves with beautiful soft foam and then strong, smashing waves that hit hard and discombobulate you under the surface. Recently, I’ve been in some turbulent waters.

I guess that’s why I’m able to help my clients. I relate to them. I get it. I know that my eating and body image can get off when I get overwhelmed or down on myself. I definitely see how food isn’t a clean, separate component but how it is complexly intertwined with every other area of life—relationships, spirituality, emotions, physical health. When any of these get out of whack, food usually gets whacky right along with it.

You know how sometimes you just need a break, maybe watch a movie or go outside for a breath of fresh air? Well that wasn’t enough. I needed to get away.


They say you can’t escape your problems because they’ll follow you. I say a weekend escape can hit the spot!

I knew that I wasn’t ignoring my issues or downplaying my emotions. I just needed a reset.


Here’s what that looked like:

A nice roadtrip with the hubs along the coast



A steaming tea latte with buttered rum tea and soy milk from my new favorite tea shop David’s Tea

Buttered Rum Soy Tea Latte


…and a new tea pot too

Balloon Tea Pot


The Palo Alto Farmers Market

Mushrooms Palo Alto FM


A s’mores crepe (yes dietitians do eat dessert; at least this one does!)

Smores Crepe


Shopping at Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store)
Pot Noodle Holder

Don’t worry. I didn’t buy this.


Carmel. Nuff said

Audun + Me Carmel

Happy Feet

Now that I’ve been away, had some quality time with my husband, and had time to rest and reflect, I can’t say that all things are hunky dory. I can say that God is good, I’m counting my blessings, and I’m happy to be back home.

Take Me Away

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Take Me Away

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