The Truth About Raw Milk

Raw dairy is a scary topic for some as they think that raw milk means E. coli and inevitable sickness. I asked Nathan Glazebrook of Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno, CA to tell us the truth about raw dairy, the Organic Pastures farm in particular, and how a raw dairy farm differs from a conventional one. Nathan talks to us about the cows’ life and diet, what happens if they get sick, how the milk is handled, their safety protocols, and the potential benefits of raw dairy that is not pasteurized or homogenized. This is a fascinating conversation that you won’t want to miss!

McAfees Organic Pastures

P.S. Nathan is at home making lunch for his family while we talk so you may hear some sizzling and cooking in the background :)

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Disclaimer: this podcast is not meant as medical advice and the content of this episode is for educational purposed only

Organic Pastures Raw Dairy

Organic Pastures Dairy Company is a 4th Generation Family Farm started and run by the McAfee family. In 2000, Organic Pastures became California’s first raw milk dairy with certified organic pasture land. The dairy is located near Fresno, California, in the heart of the fertile San Joaquin Valley. Organic Pastures produces Grade A, 100% organic, kosher, certified humane, pasture-grazed raw dairy products. At OPDC, their individually named cows are never given antibiotics, hormones or GMOs. Only organic approved naturopathic methods are used to feed and care for the cows. Preventative, nature-based healthcare keeps the herd healthy all year.

The Raw Milk Difference - Organic Pastures


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The Truth About Raw Milk

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The Truth About Raw Milk

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