Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #7…and a GIVEAWAY

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Coconut Oil!

Now you may think coconut oil is coconut oil is coconut oil. But it isn’t.

At Expo West, I saw several jars of coconut oil open, delabeled and sitting next to each other for inspection. One had no scent at all, another had a very “interesting” (not in a good way) texture, but one jar stood out as exceptional. This is our #7 Top Pick!

Kelapo Logo


Kelapo is special. Hailing from Sri Lanka, this oil is cold-pressed, unrefined and organic. With oil, oxidation is a no-no. Oxidation comes primarily from heat and light, making the processing and packaging of the oil highly important. The cold-press process prevents the damage that heat can cause to the oil and their brown amber jar protects the oil and thereby extends its shelf life, especially if you need to stock up! This is the more expensive option, but I’m glad that Kelapo isn’t willing to sacrifice the quality of their oil through cheaper packaging.

I am very picky about oils and never buy any oil, whether it be olive, pistachio or avocado, in a clear jar or in plastic. But think about how often you see oil packaged in clear glass or plastic! And think about how these are usually kept by the stove, being affected by the heat of cooking and the light of the kitchen! If you’re up for another thought, how about all that plastic leaching into your “healthy” oil? I’d rather not think about it.

There’s a lot of damaged oil out there on shelves and on people’s counters. Come to think of it, almost every other coconut oil I’ve seen is packaged in clear glass or plastic. Except Kelapo.


More Perks

If that isn’t enough, Kelapo is also fair-trade certified, vegetarian society certified and kosher certified. What?! Yep, that means that Kelapo cares about

  • human rights
  • good and fair working conditions
  • fair shares for small farmers
  • workers’ welfare, education and health care
  • GMO-free
  • no cross-contamination
  • allergies
  • you (and me)!

Kelapo is free from animal products and is also produced in a dairy-free and nut-free facility meaning that we can all feel safe and sleep soundly.

Kelapo 8oz Coconut Oil

GIVEAWAY: Win Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

My friends over at Kelapo want to give you an 8oz. jar (dark amber of course) of their incredible coconut oil. All you have to do is enter!

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Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #7…and a GIVEAWAY

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Top 10 Picks of Expo West 2015: #7…and a GIVEAWAY

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  1. john hutchens

    I have been looking for a better brand of coconut oil , The oil I use has been packaged in a clear jar,so I try to use it quickly.

  2. Vero

    I would switch to Kelapo just for the mere fact that you don’t have to worry about food allergies and cross contamination of other foods. I love that it’s produced in a kosher manner.

  3. Courtney Biggs

    Because there are no GMOs. GMOs disturb me, and I have been trying to buy foods that are GMO free. I love that it is fair trade, abd vegetarian. Some coconut oils are not always pure, and I know that Kelapo Coconut oil is pure coconut oil, and amazing. That is why I would switch over.

  4. Gina N.

    I would make the switch to Kelapo coconut oil for all of its wonderous health benefits and a bonus is that it replaces so many skincare beauty products that I use.

  5. Melissa A.

    I would switch because I’ve learned that virgin, organic and unrefined are exactly what you want in a coconut oil

  6. EVA

    Vegan chocolate bars are SO expensive, and I’m a starving college student over here! Coconut oil is awesome for making homemade chocolate. Plus, I just need a better sauteeing liquid as I currently can’t find any vegetable bouillon cubes that aren’t loaded with tons of crap ingredients.

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