What We REALLY Need in 2012

As we approach the start of yet another year, a common tradition is to sit down and write a list of resolutions of what we intend (or at least want) to do and NOT do in the coming year.  It’s become expected, almost required, to write the following:

  • I will lose weight
  • I will eat healthier
  • I will exercise more
  • I will stop eating dessert, drinking soda, and ordering take-out

Why are our resolutions the same year after year? Why does the itemized list never change? When is enough enough?

We have become conditioned (whether through media, our upbringing, our culture, our own distorted thoughts) to believe that being content is a bad thing.  Being content with what we have, what we look like, where we live, and who we are is under attack.  We’re told that if we become content, we will morph into fat, lazy, apathetic pseudo-human beings.  In other words, our worth is based on our performance, hence the resolutions.


What is the danger of loving yourself and your body right now?  Why do you have to wait until you’ve lost weight, revamped your diet, exercised consistently, and followed the decreed “food rules”?  Have you even considered the idea of being happy in your skin today?

I think what we need to start doing this year is love ourselves; be ok with where we are, even if we want to be somewhere else; and stop striving for an image of perfection that requires air-brushing, mounds of debt, and a betrayal of self.  Think about it—Do you want to live in the future or the present?

So, what will your New Year’s Resolution list look like: I will or I am?


What We REALLY Need in 2012

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What We REALLY Need in 2012

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