Wholify: The Journey Has Begun

Today marks the maturation of Nutritionally Speaking, my podcast and blog, into a complete entity that I call Wholify. Wholify has been my dream for several years as I have grown as a Registered Dietitian, as the steward of my body, and as my own friend.

Wholify takes the message of sound nutrition and connects it with how you think, feel, and live. It is a way of thinking, being, and eating. It changes how you relate to food and yourself.

The ideas that I share on Nutritionally Speaking can now be more markedly applied and manifested in your life through Certifed Wholified nutrition counseling. This is not standardized nutrition advice, rules, or diets. Rather, it is individualized nutrition therapy that meets you where you are and helps take you to a place of health, healing, and wholeness.

Wholify is based on the principles of evidence-based nutrition, mindful eating, self-love, and self-care. With this foundation, the focus on weight and appearance fades, and in its place comes the natural expressions of good health.

We see the beauty and virtue that comes when a person is at peace with nourishment and movement. It is then that wholeness can come.

As we take this journey together, we will all learn, adapt, and develop into more well human beings.

Will you become whole with us?

Wholify: The Journey Has Begun

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Wholify: The Journey Has Begun

Do You Want To Be Whole?

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